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We service your small engines on site in Ottawa and Gatineau

MSR Mobile Small-engine Repair

We service and repair your snowblower or lawn tractor, lawnmower,and garden equipment, at your location in the greater Ottawa and Gatineau area, if your engine won't start we can help. 

$95.99 (Gas, Oil and parts are extra) and $15.99 to sharpen blades. Only if the work is more than one hour, $55.99 rate will be added. 

For each extra piece of equipment a charge of $55.99 will be added.

Servicing, tune ups and repairing lawnmowers, lawn tractors, belts, blades, filters, gas lines, snowblowers, chain-saws, small engine service and repair, on all types of residential /commercial power equipment, also onsite welding, in Ottawa and Gatineau area.


Start your equipment right!

Oil and Gas: The equipment you use needs good clean oil, and check the oil level each time you start up the equipment. Always use fresh gas, I recommend Super premium 94 octane or higher, and add fuel stabilizer in the gas container you pick it up in, to keep your gas fresh. 

The Moving Parts: The equipment you use needs to be clear of any obstacles. That may seem like a given right! But many belts are burned and shredded when this simple rule is not applied before that pull cord is grabbed, the key is turned, or electric starter is plugged in.

Snowblowers: You need to look for a build up of ice in the auger, especially in the second stage, deep in the back of the auger. You will often see ice in the lower part of the second stage that will not allow any movement, and as a result of running your snowblower in this condition, you will burn a $40.00 dollar belt!

Lawn Mowers: You need to remove the build up of grass on the underside of the deck. Before cutting the grass, do a thorough search of your lawn for objects like small rocks, rope, sticks, balls, or any other objects (city water shut off pipes can be driven down with several heavy taps of your heal or 5 pound hammer) that could do serious damage to the spindles, or blades, even bending the crank shaft on a push mower, simply killing the engine.

Store your equipment right! 

When the seasons change so does your outdoor work. The equipment you use needs to be put away right whether it is your lawnmower, lawn tractor, or snowblower. So here is some easy tips to do that!

Step #1 Remove gas from the tank; then run your engine out of any remaining gas.

Step #2 Change your oil in your equipment. 

Step #3 Put your equipment away clean, lubed and dry. 

Such easy things to put off when you're with a list of things to do with each new season. These seemingly unimportant things when not done, can create a problem when you go to start up that gas powered tool. 

So, to give your new season a good start, end the last one right with a proper tune-up and fresh oil change. 

Do a little on your power equipment at the end of the season when you store it, then it will be ready for next season all tuned up!

Tune up snowblower in the spring and then it will be ready for winter!

Tune up your lawnmower in the fall and in the spring there will be no problem!!

Now all you have to do is put in fresh gas (gas will go bad when stored in just a few weeks) then you will be rewarded with an easy start up. A oil change will also keep your connecting rod from going through the crank case, as well.   

All that is left for summer? Fire up the BBQ!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!